Mid Winter Cabin Fever

Mid Winter Cabin Fever

The middle of Winter is not my favourite time! The gloom, the mud, and the general wetness of it all make me want to crawl under the covers with a box of chocolates and a fabulous book. (sorry a bit of a theme this time of year)

Lucky for me I have a deadline! The work for the Linton and Kay show that opens on September the 12th is coming together and filling the studio and gallery space of my home.

The larger pieces are almost complete and now I have the fun game of playing with a number of smaller works. To be honest I find it much easier to work big and often struggle with the confined space of little. Maybe it is my claustrophobia coming into play!

This month the studio travelled to Peaceful Bay for a change of scene. That is always a good thing as cabin fever is a problem in winter. The south coast is so spectacular and the lack of population, mixed with amazing beaches, wild water, whales and a cozy little cabin all add to be very rejuvenating.

I always get reminded when doing the work for an exhibition just how lucky I am to get to do the work I need to. To have the time, to have the wonderful space, to have the wonderful support from the hard working, long suffering husband. Without all of those dots joining up it would be so much harder. For all of the above I often give thanks.

The pallet for this exhibition is a lot quieter than previously. I am wondering if it was a challenge I set myself or just a response to more subdued light at this time of the year. I have been using the notion of quietness, softness and slightly out of focus imagery to put together this work.


Between downpours this morning there were flashes of bright sunlight and I managed to catch one for you to see the productive mess in the studio.  The show at Linton and Kay Galleries will open on September the 12th for three week. If you would like to be on the mailing list please contact me with your postal address .

The Gallery will have all the works up on their website prior to the opening. I will put the images up here too for you to have a peak.


Blue Wrens waiting for their morning treat….