Long time between drinks!

Long time between drinks!

It has been a long time between drinks! Id id promise a regular update but time and lack of technical ability have held me back, along with a dose of procrastination! I do apologise and pledge to do better in the future before I loose you all….

Since the last blog I have not only finished the crocheted grass piece ( Security Blanket for the Mother) but it won the South West Survey at the Bunbury Regional  Art Galleries for 2012. there was much surprise and a great honour on my part. thankyou to all involved, the sponsors, the judges and most importantly the Gallery and staff for such a great event.



The Dardanup Art Spectacular Art Trail May 2012

The Dardanup Art Spectacular has come and gone and this year the studio/gallery was open and listed on the Art Trail. An amazingly well organised opportunity for a guided trail of places to visit and see,eat and drink in the Ferguson Valley. It brought a lot of visitors here and we really were overwhelmed by the response. Thanks to all those who popped in and showed support.

This year following a successful show held here in October, I encouraged some of my very clever neighbours to get moving and to have a show in the Gallery space, so I could focus on the studio for the open days. So we had printmaker”s Lynne Mitchell, Bernie Dowley, Russell Harvie and Photographer sheerly McDonald, Water colour artist Joy Barlow. They hung a great and iverse show in the space. It was fun to see it all come together and to see how different work alters the feel of the space. we are planning on doing it again next year so keep your eyes open for dates and maybe plan a trip to the Valley.

I also had my two sister’s here, Michelle with a range of handcrafted Jewellery and Christine with some gorgeous wearable knitted works.





I have been working on the new show for Hayshed Hill in September. It is a new venue for me but feel it is good to mix it up and spread the love..
In the New works Gallery there are images to give you a heads up on how the show may look. The focus is on pattern (surprise) and paisley will feature a bit (read a lot!) I have also been doing some dying and playing with Tannins from the river, mixed with rotting leaves and mud. I must say it is looking a whole lot better than it sounds. I have managed to find some really lovely  merino wool scarves and shawls and they will be overprinted once they are liberated from the river to create some very soft, cuddly and subtle wearbale
treasures. Very eco too, bonus.
Teaching Textiles at TAFE once a week has really got me back to my roots so there is a lot of stitch in these new works too.
I am currently working on some pieces that incorporate the crocheted grass. It has been tricky finding a was to include the technique in a way that it will be integral to the work but also protected from the elements so the pieces are much smaller than the Survey piece. they are included in mixed media works. No pics yet… maybe next time.
To add to the excitement there have been a lot of requests for workshops so please check the Latest News page on the website for details.