“I Do”

“I Do”

It is now Autumn. In fact it is almost Easter! I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. The garden is looking fantastic, the rain has washed all the dust away, and the light is beautiful and soft. The fire has been lit for the first time this season, always a lovely thing. The novelty will wear off, the mess and the wood, but for now it is a lovely comfort. Cold mornings and nights, nice.

Work wise there are new paintings and the South West Stories is almost complete for the opening of the exhibition at Bunbury Regional Galleries on April 27th. The exhibition will showcase the images of onsite works by 14 artists, along with the story that inspired the works, and a work made for the Gallery show.

My story is about the Wellington Mills fires of 1950 that destroyed the town. Looking for a personal take on the fires I came across the story of Syd and Joan who were to be married the day after the fire. They had a home built and ready to live in after the wedding and sadly it was burnt to the ground along with their possessions. They still said “I Do” the next day as planned! I am a notorious hopeless romantic, so this story really appealed to me. It got me thinking of marriage and the idea of commitment, through thick and thin. I have been married for a long time, my daughter is about to be married, I was impressed with Syd and Joan’s commitment. The difference in the beginning of their married life and those of many now days is huge. Starting with nothing but Love.

The story seemed to me to really be about just those two words.

The essence of love and commitment. “I Do”


The banner is made of wedding material. Yes! You can get black wedding fabric. It is silk tulle background and a tasseled synthetic fabric stitched on the make the all-important words. I have installed it on the road verge/bank on Wellington Mills Rd quite near where the fire was, under burnt trees.

The Gallery work is still in progress, very slow but quite reflective and has given me time to think upon the joy of a lifetime of love.

It is made of old, antique linen to represent the domestic and the personal, all the things that were lost.

I have made a quilt of these pieces, for the shared warmth and blanket of intimacy that comes with the union of two people.

The words “I Do” are the stitches that are holding the quilt together. I have a lot more to stitch….there will be time. There is always time for love.