How Time Flies when you are Having Fun!

How Time Flies when you are Having Fun!

Nearly the end of November already!

It has been a busy time since the Exhibition at Linton and Kay.

The show was a great success and had wonderful support.


There are still some works for sale at Linton and Kaye if you are after that special Chrissie gift!

The Bunbury Regional Art Galleries has taken ten pieces on tour. They have hung a small show at Northcliffe at the Gallery where the Understory Sculpture walk is and runs till Dec 15.

Since then I have been working on some new works, a large landscape for my husband. He feels sad because the paintings in the lounge room keep going to new homes! So it was time to shower him with special attention and a big new painting. It is a bit of a diversion for me but still has all the “Jenni” elements in, lino printing, pattern and stencils. The image is one of a few I have been hanging out to play with. I di a small one for the Art Trail as our theme was Images of the Valley. It was fun and so there will be a few more to come.

I took lots of great pics when we had a controlled burn here a few years ago and they have been waiting patiently for me to get to them.

To see the image, go to the Gallery section and click open New Works.

I have been playing around with Encaustic as a medium too. It is totally compelling and smalls great too!

Whilst I have a seriously long way before I feel like I am the one in control…there have been some small finished works at Yallingup Galleries and they have been very well received. It is such a rich and luscious medium to work in and the transparency and floating layers are just beautiful.

Once again, check them out in the new works section. Some are still available at Yallingup Galleries.

This terms workshops have been fantastic. The results from all participants has been sensational and far surpassed all of our expectations!

From raw beginners to much more experienced artists there has been a lot of exploration, courage to try new things and great conversations between all those who attended. The being with like minded people can be almost all the inspiration needed.

Each workshop has given me so much energy and I thank all those who have made them a great pleasure to facilitate.

The highlight of course was the Weekend Art Camp at Wellington Forest Cottages and Conference Centre.

Wendy’s amazing catering ensured we were never remotely hungry and it was so good to keep working and have someone cooking and then serve the remarkable results up for us. She is an artist too!


Wendy with Sunday Morning Tea!

The guests were from varying levels and interests and made for a fun group. From exploring things outside their comfort zone, to chilling on the couch’s with a good art book by the roaring fire they all made the most of each minute. Michelle and I were kept busy well into the nights!


The overall consensus was “We want more!”

Most felt it would be good to make it 4-5 nights so there would be a bit of time to explore the Park, hang out with friends in the cute cottages and generally chill a little, but still have an intensive art time.

So the cottages are about to be booked for the same time next year and my guess it you better is quick!

Studio Sessions

For the past six weeks, six upcoming artists have joined me in the studio for the day, to work on their projects with my help. The theory was that I too would work alongside them, so they got to see it happening too…well that did not happen too often but the workshops were a great success and the bring and share lunches, a feast, with wine an integral part of the day, to get the juices flowing and aid relaxation of course. Almost medicinal!


It has been great having the studio filled with energy and noise. I am looking forward to 2014 and doing it all again. If you are interested in becoming part of this, please contact me to put your name on the list.

Realistically I am probably not going to doing a December post so it here I wish you all a Very Happy Xmas and Creative New Year. Thanks to all who have shown me support in many ways this year, it is much appreciated.

Lots of Christmas Joy and Love.