Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New YearIt is well into the New Year now. Holidays are over. Something I must remind myself of daily as the temperatures keep soaring and make doing anything in the studio very challenging. Yesterday I begun work early in the morning but had to jump in the pool three times before lunch just to reduce the core temp for a while.

So what I am saying is I have begun work again. Not that far behind the real world. It is a busy year already, and Exhibition in September with Linton and Kaye in Subiaco being the major focus. There is not a lot painting days before September. Adding to the mix, I have stopped working in the Art Dept at TAFE. Therefore time is available to run much-requested Studio workshops here in the fabulous Ferguson Valley. Please check the Workshop timetable on this website. It requires a lot of discipline to work from home and keep on task.


To that end I need some order around me before I can get stuck in. It maybe a bit of the dance of avoidance, but I think it is about having things sorted so there is space in my head for the real work to happen. So I have emptied cupboards, cleaned out wardrobes and done a fair bit of time in the early mornings in the garden. The garden is showing the loving attention it has had and a few more weeks of early morning exercise will see it as good as it gets. The vedgie patch is producing again and there is nothing more satisfying than harvesting fresh goodies for dinner. It nurtures me in so many ways, and therefore the painting too.

Not only has the garden had some attention; the first part of the front courtyard wall has been installed. The plans were always there, time living here has allowed us to make decisions on just what we wanted. Here is part one of the final touch to the home.

Happy-New-Year-3The Bunbury Regional Galleries have organised a project called South West Stories. Fifteen SW artists are participating in what is a three-part process. Olga Cironis has been engaged as the facilitator and major help person. Each artist is to depict a SW Story with an ephemeral piece, on site. The work will be photographed by Eva Franz; the photographs of the site-specific works, along with a didactic story panel will be shown at the Galleries in May. Each artist is to produce a Gallery work related to the story for the exhibition. It is an exciting and quite challenging project. I have begun. My story is about the fires that burnt Wellington Mills down in the 50’s. I have heard a lovely personal story of love and commitment that has been related to me from the fires. That story is what my pieces will be based on.

I will post images, as they happen to keep you up with the story.

Image 1 – A beginning