It is hard to not get excited for me when all the work is coming together, some has gone off to the framers, the photo’s are being sorted, invitations printed and even new business cards.

It is a strange thing that creates utter chaos in my life, having an exhibition. The order of things get tipped upside down and usually fall back in place in time for the opening (hopefully).

Bit of peep to illustrate the point…


The show is called Flourishing.

It insinuates, new growth, and a kind of settling in to the world. We have lived here for nearly seven years, the garden is a little younger than that but has absolutely flourished. The home now looks like it was always here.

I feel like I have always been here too, the lovely community around us for support and fun, the amazing landscape and this sensational studio. So with your indulgence, I think I too have flourished.

The new work is different. I began each differently, and deliberately stepped way out of my comfort zone to play with new pallette’s and build the works in new ways. I have all the same elements of texture, repeated pattern and intense layering. It has all just been done in new ways.

The Art Trail this year runs for two weekends, and the days in the middle. It starts on the 30th of April and finishes on the 8th of May. I will be open and welcoming all from 10 – 5 on the weekends and Wed 4th, Thurs 4th and Fri 6th 10-4. The Ferguson Valley has a range of lovely places to visit on the trail, along with some great places to eat, all of which are open weekends and Thurs/Fri.

This year the work on show will be my exhibition Flourishing.


Just down the road at Peppermint Lane Lodge will be a Sculpture Trail. It is the second year Kim has put together and this year is bigger and better than the last.

She has created some works herself and many local artists will be transforming her property into a walk full of surprises.

Welling Forest Cottages and Conference Centre have artists involved in the trail and are a fully licensed venue for food and wine tastings, certainly worth a visit.


On display will be the work of Michelle Gauntlett, who some of you will remember. Previously she has had collections of her jewellery. This year she too has taken a new path and will be showing Metal Forms made from precious metals, along with a small range of jewellery.


We will be offering homemade pies, soup and muffins on the first weekend, along with a taste of local wines. So would love to see you here, come hang out in the courtyard, relax and see some great new works.