Wellington Forest Cottages – ART CAMP

Fri 18th October 4pm – Sunday 20th  3pm Wellington Forest Cottages – Wellington National Park Ferguson Valley Come along…

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Mid Winter Cabin Fever

The middle of Winter is not my favourite time! The gloom, the mud, and the general wetness of it all make…

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Another Month Flies By…

It is June already! A Super moon and the time when the sun starts to come back. Time for me…

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“I Do”

It is now Autumn. In fact it is almost Easter! I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. The…

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Happy New Year!

It is well into the New Year now. Holidays are over. Something I must remind myself of daily as the…

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Long time between drinks!

It has been a long time between drinks! Id id promise a regular update but time and lack of technical…

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Grass Project Completed.

A New Begininng

It is amazing the feelings you have “post” Exhibition. There is extreme tiredness from so many long days and nights….

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