Another Month Flies By…

Another Month Flies By…

It is June already! A Super moon and the time when the sun starts to come back. Time for me to give thanks.

I do not do so well in the winter, with the cold and the dark and the wet! Still there are advantages…fires and beautiful sparkly days in the valley. The leaves are turning in an explosion of colour, the river returns and burbles outside my window.

Slow cooked food and chocolate, all good. Sure I am getting a bit heavier but it is all covered up with woollies so you would never know!

I have been hiding here working really hard. Having a seriously big play in the studio, getting the body of work together for the September show. It is starting to come together and apart form moments of having a crisis of confidence, panics over time commitments and the worry of material costs it is all good.

Seriously, having an exhibition is a big commitment in so many ways but I can say this one is looking good!

I had a series of workshops a few months ago and they were a lot of fun. Some fabulous results and great people in the studio producing great things.

Untitled-1      Untitled-2

The Art Trail this year was a marvelous success.  A paddock full of cars, a gallery full of visitors. We had some very beautiful jewellery, great knitting and of course some stunning paintings. The sun shone, the wine flowed and the people kept coming. It is fast becoming an event not to miss.

After the Art Trail I spent a few weeks in Bali, my first visit ever. Unheard of really to live in WA and never have visited Bali, must be the only one! The time spent in Ubud searching out authentic artistic experiences was fantastic. I would love to return to the mountains sometime soon. I have to confess as much as I enjoyed the laying by the pool in Seminyak, it is something I could possibly not do again.

I found the colour and the workmanship and quality of the authentic crafts was inspirational, and the people doing it all very generous with their explanations and skilled in all ways.

Since returning I have been working on creating the body of works. The work is if a similar nature, lots of pattern, repition, and colour. Floral emblems feature, but I have been trying to produce works that are more ethereal, less graphic. I have been using lots of shadowy images and transparent glazes and on the whole it is working out. There are still some works that are very strong in colour, I cannot resist!



These images are the beginning and end of one of the pieces. It is interesting to see where works start and where they end…

I am going to resist the temptation to reveal much more of the new works at this point. You will have to wait a little longer for that!

Well that is it for June; I do intend to make this happen again for July so keep tuned. Back to the drawing board for me…