A New Begininng

A New Begininng

It is amazing the feelings you have “post” Exhibition. There is extreme tiredness from so many long days and nights.

There is relief that the event has past and was very well received and there were no  major hiccups.

There is overwhelming feelings of humbleness that so many cam e to see and be part of the first show here in this

fabulous valley.

And then…. there is the crazy mind that wants to play more and do new things. Remarkable really.

So now I have been back in the garden, digging new potatoes, planting new seedlings, mulching with  pea straw and reconnecting with the outside world.

I have even cooked a few half decent meals and washed the floor, caught up with all the other trivial but necessary domestic things that must happen. Quite satisfying to have time and to see them done.

Currently  I am focussing on the South West Survey piece. It is totally unrelated to “Belonging” but satisfies the need to create as well as giving me different problems to solve than a painting.

After working at TAFE one morning a week teaching Textiles, I have been hanging out to explore more in that direction. So I am making a piece for the Survey out of Grass.

I have secretly been a bit obsessed with the repetition of grass, all those fantastic lines coming out of the ground, blowing in the wind and although seemingly unordered there is a very clear pattern about the way they sit.

I have been observing them and photographing them and crocheting them and stitching with them quietly for a long time and soon the world will get to see the results!