Welcome to the website of Jenni Doherty

Welcome to the website of Jenni Doherty

Jenni Doherty is an artist working in the South West of Western Australia.

Solo Exhibitions are held at least once, sometimes twice a year. Jenni exhibits regularly at Yallingup Galleries and is represented in Perth by LK Galleries, Subiaco. Themes have varied over the past exhibitions but a continuing link is the use of pattern and a fascination with time.

The layering of images from different time frames and contexts is about investigating the landscape of collective culture. Being an artist in a world where we are constantly bombarded with imagery, these works look at the kinds of images, relationships with memory, emotion from the very personal to the clearly commercial. There are references to fashion and culture.

Using a variety of media including lino block prints, acrylic, gold and silver leaf, oils, paper, textiles these works demonstrate and defer to the handmade, and the preciousness of time